Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are transforming businesses, freeing employees from repetitive, low-value tasks, turning the growing ocean of data into actionable, real-time insight and enabling the agility, efficiency and sustainability that today’s fast-moving commercial environment demands.

The value an organisation gets from AI and automation depends on the quality of the data that fuels it. This in turn depends on the strength and cost effectiveness of its information architecture and how well it works in concert with its business processes and systems.

Creating a truly AI and automation enabled business depends on three critical elements

  • Getting data under control through effective information architecture.
  • Fully aligning business processes with data and IT.
  • Freeing the business from capital intensive IT investment and moving to a ‘pay as you go’, OpEx based model.          

Many organisations face challenges in optimising these elements. They are often starting from a position where effective information architecture has historically not had the focus that AI and automation now demand.

We’ve created this eBook to show how an organisation can deliver these critical elements of information architecture, alignment between data, process and IT, and ‘pay as you go’ IT spend, to become truly AI and automation enabled, regardless of where they are on the data management journey.  

This eBook covers

  • What organisations need to attain the ‘Holy Grail’ of an AI enabled business
  • Why the stakes for data, process and IT alignment keep getting higher
  • Modernising data management to meet the AI challenge
  • The Data Management Journey to an AI enabled organisation
    • Collect – Make data simple and accessible
    • Organise – Create a business-ready analytics foundation
    • Analyse – Build and scale AI with trust and transparency
    • Infuse – Operationalize AI throughout the business